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Founded by Mr. Dipesh Gogte Travels is a popular Inter-City bus service provider, serving more than 3 destinations with about 10 schedules daily across 4 states in India. Under the able leadership of Dipesh , Gogte Travels offers both volvo and deluxe bus service and operates daily trips to Ahmedabad, Goa, Bangalore, Surat and Ratnagiri

Well Maintained Buses

Bus engineers provides supervision and guidance for the maintenance of the volvo buses

Gogte Travels also have service staff professionally and certified by volvo group

Gogte Travels is having well equipped, full fledge service station in Mumbai and Pune

Regular and preventive maintenance is scheduled and rigorously monitored to ensure condition of the volvo buses

Customer convenience, Valuable time, and safety are the key priorities of the Gogte Travels

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